Thursday, 16 June 2011

There's a lot of things I WANT to post, but don't feel I CAN post, hence the silence lately!

Life has been really really hectic tying up my degree, I had in my head that things would have slowed down by now and I would be relaxing but I was very very wrong!!

I have two competitions lined up that I want to enter but need to get a move on with as the deadline is the end of June and I have yet to start work on them! I have also been selected to go to London for New Designers which is a big compliment, and hopefully will offer me some job opportunities, (fingers crossed!) or at the very least be a big boost on my CV.

I get my degree result in 5days. I can't quite believe it as I still don't feel done with Uni, The degree show opens tomorrow night, I am in today for the external examiners visit, and all next week the show is going on which will be keeping me busy and then as soon as it ends I am off to London!

Soon after I will be leaving Huddersfield, something I have been in denial of up until recently. I thought I would be job hunting by now and have got something lined up in time to keep me here but what with everything going on I really haven't had the time, and even if I had managed it and got a call for an interview chances are I wouldn't be able to go to it due to other commitments. I really DON'T want to leave!!!!!