Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What life used to be two Novembers ago

Since leaving University I have entered the real world. A world of rent and bills without a loan to pay for it, the world of struggling to find full time work, the world of having full time work and feeling forever tired, the world of learning to drive, a goal I am finding challenging to say the least... And the world of a long term relationship outside of University including all the joy, laughter, commitment and mishaps that come along with this.

Learning that life isn't always easy after four of the best years of your life is hard. I have been lucky to have so much love and happiness in my life so far, when I left home for University a whole new world opened up to me, when I left University I entered a different world which I am still trying to find my way in.

But some of the things from my Huddersfield life will forever be with me, My Mr who I hope to share the rest of my life with, we remind ourselves being grow up's can be fun by buying huge bags of sweets to share in the car on the way home from our weekly shop, whilst singing along far to loudly to Bob Marley, Swedish House Mafia, and Walk Off the Earth, by spending our hard earned cash on new furniture for our home, expensive gadgets we don't need, buy buying our little guinea pigs more houses and treats then the richest of celebrities own, many many takeaways, meals out, and trips to wonderful places.

 Huddersfield I miss you, but am grateful for all the great times and forever friends I have taken away from you.  <3>