Saturday, 26 November 2011

Me, Minnie, Mouse and Moo!

Since my last post life has changed in so many ways!

Leaving home this time seemed so different, I knew this time I wouldn't be home once term ended. This time it was for good it really is a new start, which exciting as it was is always hard when you are leaving people you love. Saying goodbye to my family was hard, and I was back for such a short space of time that I didn't even get the reunion with a lot of my friends that I was so looking forward to!

That said I learned that -

The area we moved to is gorgeous. We have had a lot of fun exploring the area, trying out the coffee shops and restaurants nearby, and living together again is as great as always! <3

My new start also included changing my job, and I was brave enough yet again to have at least 7inches of my hair chopped off! Hello long angled bob! (Which is already growing back at a fast rate) This time I like the change so all is good :)

Since moving in I also celebrated mine and Jonny's four year anniversary which is another milestone in our relationship!

All things were shiny and perfect, but I still had the niggle that all these extra hours of work we are now doing were having an effect on our poor little Moo. She is the most loving of pig's and would squeak for attention whenever I got home, jumping and rolling around happily whenever I got her our for a cuddle. Even though I put her in her indoor run whenever I got home I was also aware that she was growing a little big for her cage. How could I not only want the best for this cheeky face! :)

I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect cage, and even more time trying to find a perfect cage mate! I was still worrying that she may fight with another piggie after her traumatised past! I thought a big cage with lots of space would help them get along and in the end built this!:

I have changed the bedding to fleece which she loves and the ramp leads to a little hay loft so she can still curl up an much all day long if she desires! It is a good job we have plenty of floor space in the lounge!

I finally found a private breeder close by too! We had to get a young little baby as that way she would be more likely to adopt a mothering role and the baby would naturally accept her as the dominant pig. And I certainly didn't fancy another pet shop pig after all the problems we had with Moo!

After what seemed like a wait of forever we finally found our little one or two! 

When we saw the piggies I couldn't separate them and have one left alone! Besides the more the merrier! And I would have probably always wanted another further down the line if we hadn't got two! Firstly we chose Minnie:

I just thought she was gorgeous such a little cutie pie! She is very timid and shy and hides away for a lot of the time, although she is getting gradually a little braver if she sniffs a bit of carrot coming her way!

Moo mothers her well, and when her and Mouse are in the hay loft she squeaks after them until Moo comes back down to give her a nudge up the ramp!

Second choice and third choice looked a little too suspiciously like boys for my liking! Not wanting to take the risk we settled for the last option. Originally we hadn't even considered little Mouse as her markings are quite similar to Millie's!

That said, the second I held her I fell in love! All the other pig's had wriggled and squirmed away but Mouse sat quietly in my hand not once trying to escape! That is how she got her name. She is the scraggiest funniest little pig I have ever seen, she always has tuffs of hair sticking up all over - even though she is a smooth haired breed.

Expecting a quiet little one we couldn't quite believe the change in her when we got her home! Far from Mousey she is a complete little rascal! We have a mini Moo in the making! She is very adventurous and even braves stealing food from Moo's mouth! I think she has met her match with Mouse who follows her round everywhere!

Luckily introducing them went without a hitch after all the research I had done! And now they are a happy little family!


Monday, 19 September 2011

Olga Da Polga

As you may know I don't believe there are any books more magical then those aimed at children. I have very much enjoyed looking after the children's book section in the shop where I work, My friend Sarah also runs this section and for my birthday a few months back got me a book which has turned out to be my recent favourite discovery! Meet Olga Da Polga:

Ok so I might be a tinsey bit biased by the guinea pig, but would recommend this book to anyone with a naughty pet, especially those with a piggie as naughty as mine! Olga Da Polga is a very adventurous little guinea pig, she has a big personality and definitely makes lots of mischief! She is always telling tales and stories to those around her, and is too big for her boots at times! The books are written by Michael Bond, who also wrote the Paddington Bear books.

On my hunt for other books in the Olga Da Polga series I have found most stores do not stock them, and they have to be specially ordered. However last week a new version of the same book was released in hardback, so it may be ready to make a comeback. This is the new cover which you may spot around:

When I was in year 6 at school we were asked to keep a pet diary. At the time I had a wonderful fat old Guinea Pig Harry. Unfortunately he was a lot less fussed then Millie is, but he certainly had a much nicer nature and caused a lot less trouble then she does! He loved dandelion leaves and could eat for England, I had a lot of fun writing about this little piggie and his adventures!

It was crowed the best pet diary in the class and is the one piece of my primary school work that I kept hold of, I still have this tucked away somewhere and find it makes an amusing read! The Olga Da Polga books reminded me of this and are great reads as she is such a funny character! I will be buying the rest of the books in the series asap, thank you Sarah for introducing me to such great stories!


Monday, 12 September 2011


Today is windy and the leaves in the garden have a distinct orangey glow, which means Autumn is well on the way, which this year I find quite exciting! I am already planning my next pair of boots and slippers!

I went on a rummage in River Island and found all the summer clothes have been replaced by thick woolly jumpers and cosy comfy's, like I need an excuse to bring out my own thick warm jumpers! I have inherited my mother's love of comfort over anything else, to which my brothers have christened all my clothes as looking like "Flour Bags!" But nothing beats being all cosy and warm on a day like today. Preferably with a hot chocolate, under a blanket with a good book!

As much as I like summer I do love cosy days indoors! In the flat we used to turn on the fairy lights, (Ok that part was all me...!) cook lovely hearty meals, perfect for a cold day such as stew and dumplings, bake lovely treats, and curl up on the sofa to watch a good film. I miss those days but soon will have them back <3

Another thing autumn means is a new addiction to T.V box-sets. I have just discovered Hero's which I am really enjoying, but I feel like I have completely exhausted all of my others such as The O.C, One Tree Hill, SATC, Lost, Grey's Anatomy etc does anyone have any recommendations? I always welcome any excuse to fill my days with American T.V drama! I hope everyone else is enjoying the Autumn weather <3


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, I have been missing the Mr like my left arm and was all ready to set up camp like this to be back together. However I knew he would never go for it, I am with Mr Head and he is with Miss Heart.

This fact will never stop me getting carried away with my fantasies and daydreams but it does mean we have to meet somewhere in the middle, which to be honest is a pretty good place to be. At least there will be no creepy crawlies and central heating there right?

I actually was seriously considering living in a tent before we both found work, I though it would be a great adventure, and with my family's camping supplies we would be well kitted out. I imagined cooking on our little camping stove, having hot chocolate whilst lying on a blanket looking up at the stars, and going on long and lovely walks around the countryside.

This probably would have been lovely for a couple of weeks until sleeping on the floor started giving us aches and pains, the cold and rain began to seep in through the thin fabric walls.

As our house hunt started to look even more impossible I wanted to live in a camper van. Something Mr Head insists I would actually hate in reality, and as we began to view properties in idyllic locations I accepted the fact it would have to be a house/flat we went for in the end, but how hard could it be to find a place?

I am pleased to announce at long last we have paid a deposit and bond to secure a place for ourselves. It took a long time to find, and for us to decide what to do. In contrast to my fantasies of roughing it in the great outdoors when it comes to house hunting I want somewhere cosy and gorgeous with all the mod cons. The thought of roughing it in a house just does not appeal, something Mr Head and Miss Heart both firmly agree on.

After our second year of University living in a horrible location we also agreed we would rather have a smaller less nice place in the perfect area, then a perfect house in a horrible area. Although pleased with the place we have found there have definitely been some compromises!

The area could not be more idyllic with flowing streams and lovely areas of green. We are in a flat, rather then the much sought after house. Have one bedroom instead of two, and a very tiny kitchen. I think the kitchen is the main concern as we both love to cook together and bake yummy treats. We will make the best of what we have though. I think the luxury of our student life has made us both quite snobby! Walk in wardrobes, jacuzzi baths, two bedrooms and bathrooms, and mirrored bathroom walls can do this to you! The new place is quite a contras,t but it is almost £200 a month cheaper then our old place which will mean we can save for a house deposit faster, and we are going to have lots of fun making it into a home! <3

We will be together which is the best thing I could possibly ask for, and there is plenty of room for little Moo, I am even now thinking of adding more little piggies to the brood! (but hush hush we can't let Mr Head know of this plan just yet!)


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Into The Wild

I just had to do this Blog post <3

One of the things I love the most about working in a bookshop is being able to have genuine conversations with people who love books as much as I do. One day a customer came in and requested the following book:

I looked up the book which the computer informed me would be in the travel writing section. After locating the book and placing it in the customers hand I saw her face light up. "Have you seen the film?" she asked. "No, it's not one I have heard of actually" I replied. "Oh you MUST watch it! It is fantastic, so good I knew I must read the book!" I must admit I am one for a good cover, and this appealed for me. The title also  caught my interest. "I will definitely watch out for it, it sounds good!" I replied.

A few months later I was trying to think of a good film for me and Jonny boy to watch whilst in HMV and spotted into the wild on sale for £3. I bought it and its one that we both loved. The film is based on the true story of Chris McCandless aka Alex Supertramp and his quest to survive alone in the Alaskan wilderness away from all modern civilisation.

On his way into the wild he meets many people, and the film shows how he touches and changes the lives of those around him. It even, dare I say it now takes my top spot in favourite movies! After seeing the film I recently also read the book which added a lot of depth and background information on some of the characters shown in the film.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a bit of a gypsy soul inside themselves like myself, or to anyone who dreams of spending time somewhere beautiful. Watch the film before reading the book though!


Let's Catch up

I always make excuses for how terribly inconsistent I am with blogging I know, lets just say I will look forward to catching up on everyone's posts!
Well since moving back home one month, eighteen days ago I have had plenty going on! The first two weeks I spent catching up with family, unpacking, and hiding lots of things away in the loft for storage. By the end of this I also attended two graduations one of which was my own! I had a really great day and it was lovely to see everyone again <3

Shortly afterwards I was passing by the bookshop I used to work and decided to see if there were any jobs going, luckily there were and I started a few days later! John has also been lucky enough to get a job to do with his degree. I have had a few weekends off so far, so have been working all week then travelling to John's Friday nights, returning late Sunday or early Monday hence me having very little time!

One thing good to come out of all the travelling I am doing now means I have been reading a lot more. Working in a bookshop also helps! I am terrible, always discovering new books I can't resist so expect quite a few book related posts coming soon!

In between all this I have been attending to little piggies needs. She has a lovely new home right next to my bed, and has acquired quite a taste for snuggling and rolling around in blankets! She makes sure she isn't ever forgotten about with her cute (but noisy) little squeaks!

I have also been house hunting like a mad woman which proving incredibly difficult.

As soon as we find a nice place, we then find something wrong with it. No parking, - oh yes we have a car now, How incredibly grown up I feel, even though it will be months before I can actually drive it! - or no white goods, or rotting windows... We do have some viewings lined up for the weekend but have been warned there are viewings before then and the places may get snapped up before we can even have a look round... fingers crossed we will get fixed up soon!


Wednesday, 27 July 2011


One day after my arrival home my laptop broke! All my images and music etc are gone!
I have just got a new one and am slowly trying to recover some of my old things, so things may be quite for a while! Back soon xxx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'll be waiting

On Tuesday I will be moving out of the town I have called home for the last four years, which is slightly daunting!
Due to lack of job and funds unfortunately I will be moving back to my parents house for a few months until me and my Mr find jobs.

It's like a huge step back, especially considering my friends who didn't go to University now have jobs, cars, places of there own with their partners. Some of them are even engaged! It seems like they are so far ahead of me at the moment, but I have been telling myself they were still living at home when I moved out for Uni at 18. I guess its a trade off, I had it better at 18/19 but now at 22 I am starting over again. But if I could turn back the clock I wouldn't do a thing differently.

At 18 my parents practically had to push me out of the door, all my friends were doing the same foundation course at college which I wanted to be part of, and I had a high-school boyfriend I didn't want to say goodbye to. Despite all this, having visited the Huddersfield open day and having a tour of halls there became a huge part of me that wanted more. I definitely had a feeling University was the right choice for me and soon as I arrived at Storthes hall, Jenkinson B Flat 2 Room 5 all I felt was excitement.

I was the first in my flat to arrive. We propped open my door and unloaded the car, shortly after the second person in my flat arrived. Sat cross-legged on my new bedroom floor I caught the eye and smile of someone walking past, who unbeknown to me at the time, would be the man I would spend the next four years with. Within the first month of University we were officially a couple and joined at the hip. From flat nights in and wild nights out to bus journeys and laundry, we did everything together and I had never in my life been happier.

After two years of living together with flatmates we decided to get a place of our own, for the last two years we have had an amazing little time in our own apartment with its walk in wardrobe and jacuzzi bath - not bad for student living! Long time followers will also know we recently bought a little pet piggie Millie together <3 who we both completely adore! It will seem so strange to move out of the place we have called home, and to not be together all the time after literally living out of each others pockets for the four years we have been at Uni. However I am sure we will be back together in a few months and will make long distance work. Just as I knew Uni was for me I am sure that we are meant to be! <3


Thursday, 16 June 2011

There's a lot of things I WANT to post, but don't feel I CAN post, hence the silence lately!

Life has been really really hectic tying up my degree, I had in my head that things would have slowed down by now and I would be relaxing but I was very very wrong!!

I have two competitions lined up that I want to enter but need to get a move on with as the deadline is the end of June and I have yet to start work on them! I have also been selected to go to London for New Designers which is a big compliment, and hopefully will offer me some job opportunities, (fingers crossed!) or at the very least be a big boost on my CV.

I get my degree result in 5days. I can't quite believe it as I still don't feel done with Uni, The degree show opens tomorrow night, I am in today for the external examiners visit, and all next week the show is going on which will be keeping me busy and then as soon as it ends I am off to London!

Soon after I will be leaving Huddersfield, something I have been in denial of up until recently. I thought I would be job hunting by now and have got something lined up in time to keep me here but what with everything going on I really haven't had the time, and even if I had managed it and got a call for an interview chances are I wouldn't be able to go to it due to other commitments. I really DON'T want to leave!!!!!


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Alice's Wonderland

For my birthday last year I received lots of lovely gifts from my friend Alice.
Throughout our time at school I was in awe of the way she could find fantastic bargains, and her knowledge of everything beautiful and lovely.

Whenever we began a new art project she would bring me endless magazine clippings of things to place in my research file. Especially when I did my 60's project, Half the images in that book came from Alice's personal magazine collection! I will always be grateful for all her help <3

Last year on the first of June I excitedly opened up a parcel that I had received through the post. I found a gorgeous seletion of gifts, a beautiful notebook "For all the Secrets" She had written.

A Dawson's Creek diary, which was just amazing.
I think we are the only two people that understand each others love of this show!

Along with a few other surprises - including some lip-gloss with Ariel the mermaid on (amazing right?) came a selection of magazine clippings and pages.

These really excited me! She had included the following pages, which I can never get enough of.

In college she had first shown me these, images of Ann Shore's home. I instantly fell in love!
I think her house is so beautiful!
Along with these were many more pages, some to indulge my guilty pleasure of reading about Katie Price!

I think Alice knows my love of things better then anyone, we seem to have very similar interests. This includes our love of Jacqueline Wilson's writing, which we believe we can never get to old for no matter how many birthdays pass <3


Friday, 27 May 2011

Tough Love

I thought I would post a little Millie update as it's been a while and a lot has happened!

Out next trip to the vet confirmed our fears that the operation hadn't gone as we had hoped, the grape size lump turned out to be filled with nasty things. The vet decided to take out the stitches and sort her out leaving an open wound.

We went back two days later to have this cleaned, and fingers crossed she is good again! The vet didn't end up even having to clean it as it had scabbed over and begun to heal nicely. We are having to bandage her foot in the mean time so she can't scratch!

Today we were changing the bandage which proved impossible, she didn't like us for it and would not hold still! We eventually got a bandage on although not as well as I would have liked due to the wriggling! We decided to try re-doing it in half an hour after she had calmed down a bit. 
Sure enough in that time she had managed to bite it off and scratch part of the scab, making herself bleed. Eventually we got a bandage back on but she didn't like us for it... That has to be the worst part of pet ownership. I hate having to do these things!

She is back to her old self now though, jumping around all over the place a squeaking for food every time she hears the fridge door or the rustling of a food bag!

She has become quite affectionate, often licking and gently nibbling when she is happy. But as I discovered the other day, do not let her do this after you have been handling her food - she may mistake you for it!

My birthday treats have been arriving all week and the majority of these are Millie orientated!
So expect a Millie filled birthday post!


You got me addicted

Ok so now my degree is coming to an end I am VERY much looking forward to some time to relax! Despite my love of all things creative scrap-booking/reading/writing/ my main past time is releasing the inner geek.

I don't see many lifestyle blogs include game reviews etc and was wondering if anyone else has an interest in this?? I know it's not something many people talk about but I have a few followers who I know for a fact geek like me!! So I thought I would do a post about my most played game of all time THE SIMS.

Right from the original I have been hooked, setting my alarm for 5am to get up and play without my mum telling me my hourly time slot was up! (Yes I actually did this, sneaking back to bed at 6.30 so she would be none the wiser!) When she introduced the hour a day rule me and my brothers would fight over who got the first turn... luckily this rule did not last for very long!

During my time at school me and a friend were talking about play-station game Vice City, a game my mum soon confiscated from our household. We were talking about being girl gamers and how we played these games, I must admit I was one for stealing cars and money, but she told me she used to buy a tractor and drive up to the hills armed with her camera to photograph the sheep. Excellent! As soon as we found the game I told my brothers whenever Mum enters the room simply play the game a different way and she will never know! Of course this did not work. (My brother left the game case in plain view...) However I found my friends story quite hilarious at the time!

My favourite Sims game has to be the Unleashed and Seasons expansion for Sims 1 and 2. After playing the game my usual way, creating long and complicated family trees and focusing on career tracks it is always refreshing to add a new expansion.

During the first Sims when Unleashed came out I played a pre-created house and character, an elderly lady living in a tiny cottage. She had a veg patch in her garden and had a gypsy-ish look about her. I adopted two pet cats, which soon produced a litter making them four. I had a lot of fun making her as self sufficient as possible and training her cats, who soon became loved companions.

It was the same when the seasons expansion came out for Sims 2. The focus on gardening and the garden club was a great new addition.

When apartments came out I was THRILLED to discover a trailer park! In no time I made a gypsy community, with a large veg patch and outdoor fire-pit. They spent many nights roasting marshmallows, stargazing and sharing tales around it. I had never had more fun playing the game!

The Sims 3 has yet to provide me with the same entertainment although I have really been enjoying the game, some of the expansions were a let down. I HATE world adventures. The previous holiday sets have been my next most loved expansions and this game just doesn't cut it! The glitches erasing some of my game slots have driven me crazy, but John won't let me install the Sims 2 and 3 at the same time! So for now I will continue my Sims 3 story and hope that the expansions improve!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Degree Show Time

Ahh! Tommorrow is the day I start to display all my final pieces! Fingers Crossed it turns out ok! Here are a few of my early samples for my collection:

A lot of this is hand stitched, I really don't want to sew again for a few months...!
Good luck to all the textile crafters out there!

Stylish Blogger Award

Eeee! Never when I started to blog did I imagine I would get one of these! My lovely friend Erin Jo awarded me with the Stylish Blogger Award! I have discovered some great new blog's through this, and will share the love with a few of my favourites! Thank you Erin Jo!

This award requires you to name seven facts about yourself so here goes...

1. I have a huge addiction to cakes, especially banana, orange, carrot, cinnamon etc... you get the idea <3 I can't resist cake with ice cream!

2. My degree is coming to an end! The hand in for my final major project is the day before my birthday (1st of June!) And tomorrow is the day I hand in all my final pieces! Although I will still be going with presentations and the degree show until July...

3. When I was younger I was a lot more confident and a huge chatterbox, these days I am a little more shy and keep to myself a bit more.

4. I am the proud owner of a little guinea piggie called Millie, I can't stop blogging about her because she is all I think about these days! Today was her fourth trip to the vet in the month we have had her, but I would not swap her for the world! She has helped get me through the most stressful part of my degree and makes the thought of possibly moving home a little easier.

5. Coming to University was the best decision I ever made, I met my man <3 who is everything to me. We have spent the last four years of University living together and I have never been happier!

6. I am secretly a huge geek! I seem to go between 'The Sims' and 'Animal Crossing' depending on my mood. I also love 'Harvest Moon'...

7. One day I want to live in a little fairytale cottage in the country, or near to the sea. Somewhere that is cosy in the winter with a big fireplace! <3

I pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to the following blogs:

Alice from An Alien World
Sarah from A little less disenchanted
Beth from boatshedchic
Claudia from Wish you were here
Sara from Sara Louise Evans


Sunday, 15 May 2011


Does anyone else have trouble buying for their boys??

It was John's birthday last week and I always have such a hard time thinking of gifts! This year I had a brain wave, we are always going to places like Costa and Shake and wishing we could make drinks like they do at home so this year I decided on a smoothie maker as the main gift with a few extra treats. We have had a great time blending pretty much everything in our fridge and seeing how it turns out!

Now it's my turn, my birthday is in June and he has been asking me for idea's! I really have no clue what to ask for. Usually I have a wishlist of items but can't think of anything this year except a large run for Millie (Which seems like more of a present for her then me!) and a cinema date - I am dying to see Water for Elephants.

What items are on your wishlist?


Friday, 13 May 2011

More like mILLie

Well not only have I been trying to make myself work but I have also had numerous trips to the vets recently, it seems we bought a poorly piggie. :(

Only two weeks to the day of getting Millie she was under the knife having an abscess removed which has been very traumatic! Fingers crossed she will recover well but there is a lot of swelling and bruising at the moment. The stitches look quite nasty too but seem to be healing.

The lump we had removed was the size of a pea, now the swelling is the size of a grape which is very big on such a tiny piggie!

The night after the op John and I set an alarm every 3hrs to re-heat the water bottle she was sleeping on as she was shivering constantly. I didn't realise what I was taking on with this one, and at such a crucial time in my degree! That said I wouldn't give her back for the world I just hope she recovers soon!


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Well after waiting what seemed like forever John and I finally decided to introduce a little friend to the flat!

We call her Millie <3

She is still a little baby at the moment between 6-8 weeks and has been receiving lots of attention!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Blog!!

As part of my degree I have made a new blog!

I will still be updating this one but please check out my new blog which will be all about my drawing and textile work :)


Friday, 8 April 2011

Hand Written

Something I have been meaning to do for a while now...

The Handwriting Challenge, My amazing friend Alice tagged me in this a few weeks ago probably knowing that I would not be able to resist!

The rules were to write the following:
1. name and blog name
2. url
3. write 'a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog'
4. favourite quote
5. favourite song
6. favourite band(s), artist(s)
7. anything else you wish to say..

I tag-

Sarah from A little less disenchanted
Erin Jo from ::My life as erinj0::
Sara from Sara Louise Evans


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Aim High Sweetie Pie

I have had my longest ever break from blogging! This is due to the huge amount of work I have been doing for my final major project, but I am back and will update with all the latest photo's of my work soon!

It is nice to have new followers as well! Hopefully I will keep the updates more regular so you will have something to follow :)

Another obsession has recently taken hold, I have become broody for guinea pig babies! Me and the Mr would love to buy our first pets together, we are still waiting for permission off the landlord and my Mum will take a LOT of persuading, as there is a chance I will be moving back home for a while in July after graduation. But we are keeping our fingers crossed!

I have to get a couple of these! If only to keep me with a constant supply of cuddles! I once had a piggie named Harry, he was the friendliest animal I have ever come across, I think by nature Guinea pigs are so sweet <3


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Someone Like You

I had the best time in London!

I went to many wonderful exhibitions, saw many amazing sights, and by the end of the week I was even happily wondering the streets of London alone, something I would not have thought myself capable of at the start of the week! As soon as I arrived I had that same rush of love for this city that I had felt many years ago.

Two of the Museums I enjoyed so much I actually revisited, I fell in love with the V and A, and the Foundling Museum 'Threads of Feeling' exhibition was right up my street, definitely worth a visit if you are in London anytime soon!

Thoughts of my next London trip are already forming, this time I plan on taking a certain someone with me! As great as the week was I found myself very excited to be coming home to this man on Friday! <3

I missed you Mr!


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Little Italy Rendezvous

So far in 2011 my spare time has been absorbed completely by books and reading! Entirely through choice 80% of my Christmas presents were books. I don't regret this at all!

I finished The Longest Whale Song which was quite a lovely children's book, now I am indulging in some travel writing, one that has been on my 'to read' list for quite a while - Eat Pray Love.

Since reading The Tent, the Bucket and Me, a great read which is so so funny I have been pinning away for other tales of travel. Eat Pray Love seemed like the obvious choice. During the beginning of the book I was afraid it would turn into something too based around religion for my liking, but now into the section on Elizabeth's stay in Italy I am finding myself longing to go there!

It sounds like such a beautiful country. Very romantic, atmospheric, laid-back, with plenty of good food on offer I think I may just have to visit here with my Mr one day! It sounds like a place after my own heart <3

Meanwhile accommodation for the London trip is sorted! Yay!
I hope I enjoy the trip, I'm not the biggest fan of City's although my 13yr old self thought London was the most wonderful place.

These days I prefer to keep to myself more, I only seem to enjoy travelling these days with my Mr, I feel safe and secure that way and know there isn't a chance of me getting lost with him around! And of course we just have fun together, I find it a lot easier to relax!

What has everyone been up to? I have started drawing again, this is always fun to begin with until I get over-faced with having to fill endless sketchbooks! I will post some drawing soon. Me and John have also discovered the most amazing soup which we have been having for lunch, today followed by a yummy stew :)

Neither of us seem to be able to work solidly after the holidays, we have been having longer lie in's then we should be doing, reading lots, cooking lots, and of course geeking a fair old amount!

I think we both wish we had another week off, back to uni tomorrow....


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

London Calling

How hard do you think it would be to organise a trip to London?

The answer: VERY

The main problem is finding a place to stay that is clean, secure, and won't break the bank. I don't mind staying in a hostel although I really would prefer not to, I have accepted due to cost this is definatly the most practical solution.

Finding a suitable place is the problem! Everywhere I search I find bad reviews, mainly complaining about hygiene, noise, and most importantly security. Preferably I would like to stay in an all female dorm, just to feel safer and for my own piece of mind. Last year on a trip to Barcelona I stayed in a mixed dorm which turned out to be fine, but you never know who you may be put with. I am naturally an over cautious person.

I have been searching all day and have finally managed to find somewhere that looks nice, although it comes with extra cost and doesn't have the added perk of a free breakfast I am happy to pay if I will feel more comfortable. Fingers crossed the other girls I am travelling with will agree!

Has anyone ever stayed anywhere in London they would recommend or stay away from?


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Noughts and Crosses

I have had a big case of writers block recently, I have been much more into reading then writing for the past few weeks!

Following Sarah's blog I got the idea to make a list of all the books I read this year, just out of personal interest. The best of these I will review!

So far this year I have read:
*Katie Price - You Only Live Once
*Tracey Chevalier - Falling Angels
*Malorie Blackman - Double Cross
and currently *Jacqueline Wilson - The Longest Whale Song

So quite a mix! I don't tend to stick to genre's I like a good mix of adult and children's fiction, historical fiction, autobiographies, travel writing and much more. Despite this books that seem to grab me are the ones that have many unexpected twists, and aren't afraid to confront hard hitting issues.

Since reading Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman I was hooked.

This is the first book in a FANTASTIC series, don't be put off by the fact it is in the teen section - I would recommend this book to just about anyone.

Blackman creates a world that instantly sucks you in, the characters are all very believable, you come to care for them which makes the plot twists and turns all the more dramatic. The book also manages to deal with topical issues such as racism from a completely fresh perspective.

It isn't all comfortable reading, and although there is a strong relationship between two of the main characters Sephy and Callum it isn't all fairytale's and happy endings, the characters go through a lot in the book, I often had to re-read pages as I couldn't believe things that had just happened! In my opinion that is what makes this story so great, the plot twists you don't see coming keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to sink their teeth into a truly original story.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dog Days are Over

I have had rather a long break from the blogging world! I haven't been keeping up with the blogs I usually read so avidly, or been writing my own much lately, but I am hoping this will change!

I haven't had the best Christmas holiday I am afraid, There has been a lot of things going on in my little world that have turned it upside down and back again a few times over, so please forgive my absence! I am hoping that 2011 will bring change and wonderful things <3