Wednesday, 27 July 2011


One day after my arrival home my laptop broke! All my images and music etc are gone!
I have just got a new one and am slowly trying to recover some of my old things, so things may be quite for a while! Back soon xxx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

I'll be waiting

On Tuesday I will be moving out of the town I have called home for the last four years, which is slightly daunting!
Due to lack of job and funds unfortunately I will be moving back to my parents house for a few months until me and my Mr find jobs.

It's like a huge step back, especially considering my friends who didn't go to University now have jobs, cars, places of there own with their partners. Some of them are even engaged! It seems like they are so far ahead of me at the moment, but I have been telling myself they were still living at home when I moved out for Uni at 18. I guess its a trade off, I had it better at 18/19 but now at 22 I am starting over again. But if I could turn back the clock I wouldn't do a thing differently.

At 18 my parents practically had to push me out of the door, all my friends were doing the same foundation course at college which I wanted to be part of, and I had a high-school boyfriend I didn't want to say goodbye to. Despite all this, having visited the Huddersfield open day and having a tour of halls there became a huge part of me that wanted more. I definitely had a feeling University was the right choice for me and soon as I arrived at Storthes hall, Jenkinson B Flat 2 Room 5 all I felt was excitement.

I was the first in my flat to arrive. We propped open my door and unloaded the car, shortly after the second person in my flat arrived. Sat cross-legged on my new bedroom floor I caught the eye and smile of someone walking past, who unbeknown to me at the time, would be the man I would spend the next four years with. Within the first month of University we were officially a couple and joined at the hip. From flat nights in and wild nights out to bus journeys and laundry, we did everything together and I had never in my life been happier.

After two years of living together with flatmates we decided to get a place of our own, for the last two years we have had an amazing little time in our own apartment with its walk in wardrobe and jacuzzi bath - not bad for student living! Long time followers will also know we recently bought a little pet piggie Millie together <3 who we both completely adore! It will seem so strange to move out of the place we have called home, and to not be together all the time after literally living out of each others pockets for the four years we have been at Uni. However I am sure we will be back together in a few months and will make long distance work. Just as I knew Uni was for me I am sure that we are meant to be! <3