Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Into The Wild

I just had to do this Blog post <3

One of the things I love the most about working in a bookshop is being able to have genuine conversations with people who love books as much as I do. One day a customer came in and requested the following book:

I looked up the book which the computer informed me would be in the travel writing section. After locating the book and placing it in the customers hand I saw her face light up. "Have you seen the film?" she asked. "No, it's not one I have heard of actually" I replied. "Oh you MUST watch it! It is fantastic, so good I knew I must read the book!" I must admit I am one for a good cover, and this appealed for me. The title also  caught my interest. "I will definitely watch out for it, it sounds good!" I replied.

A few months later I was trying to think of a good film for me and Jonny boy to watch whilst in HMV and spotted into the wild on sale for £3. I bought it and its one that we both loved. The film is based on the true story of Chris McCandless aka Alex Supertramp and his quest to survive alone in the Alaskan wilderness away from all modern civilisation.

On his way into the wild he meets many people, and the film shows how he touches and changes the lives of those around him. It even, dare I say it now takes my top spot in favourite movies! After seeing the film I recently also read the book which added a lot of depth and background information on some of the characters shown in the film.

I would recommend this to anyone who has a bit of a gypsy soul inside themselves like myself, or to anyone who dreams of spending time somewhere beautiful. Watch the film before reading the book though!


Let's Catch up

I always make excuses for how terribly inconsistent I am with blogging I know, lets just say I will look forward to catching up on everyone's posts!
Well since moving back home one month, eighteen days ago I have had plenty going on! The first two weeks I spent catching up with family, unpacking, and hiding lots of things away in the loft for storage. By the end of this I also attended two graduations one of which was my own! I had a really great day and it was lovely to see everyone again <3

Shortly afterwards I was passing by the bookshop I used to work and decided to see if there were any jobs going, luckily there were and I started a few days later! John has also been lucky enough to get a job to do with his degree. I have had a few weekends off so far, so have been working all week then travelling to John's Friday nights, returning late Sunday or early Monday hence me having very little time!

One thing good to come out of all the travelling I am doing now means I have been reading a lot more. Working in a bookshop also helps! I am terrible, always discovering new books I can't resist so expect quite a few book related posts coming soon!

In between all this I have been attending to little piggies needs. She has a lovely new home right next to my bed, and has acquired quite a taste for snuggling and rolling around in blankets! She makes sure she isn't ever forgotten about with her cute (but noisy) little squeaks!

I have also been house hunting like a mad woman which proving incredibly difficult.

As soon as we find a nice place, we then find something wrong with it. No parking, - oh yes we have a car now, How incredibly grown up I feel, even though it will be months before I can actually drive it! - or no white goods, or rotting windows... We do have some viewings lined up for the weekend but have been warned there are viewings before then and the places may get snapped up before we can even have a look round... fingers crossed we will get fixed up soon!