Monday, 14 June 2010

Dream Catch Me

I start my new job today!! Same work different location. The thing about Meadowhall is I always bump into people from school. And that is not always a good thing. I will look forward to seeing my friends more and am very glad that I have managed to find work for the summer, and even more pleased that it is still going to be with Waterstones.

I will be commuting a lot as I now consider Huddersfield my home. Having my own place with my man this year has been so amazing that I can't imagine going to live back home, even just for the summer. I don't have any of my things back home at all, and what was left has been scavenged by my brothers!! I seriously have to go on a rampage every time I go home to find any of my things.

At the moment I can't even get into my old bedroom, There is a bath on my bed. Yes a bath. And also a toilet and sink in my room. (my mum is having a new bathroom put in soon) Plus piles and piles of junk.

As soon as I left for university my room was converted into a storage room. I get the bathroom thing but not so much the junk. If I was still living back home they would manage to find somewhere else to store it so why can't they just still do that? It's not like they haven't had plenty of warning I will be staying over the odd night when I am working two days in a row at Sheffield.

Oh well. The plan is I will be staying in my brothers room, luckily he is very easy going and doesn't mind to much! (I hope) In my house you kind of have to get used to crazy, there is always something going on. It's a very buzzy household, which is why I like to have my room when I go back. It's somewhere in the house I can actually relax! I don't mind not being able to sleep there I just need somewhere to go where there is a door I can shut sometimes!

I will certainly be missing my Mr lots and lots. It's always nice coming back though after we have been apart. If possible I appreciate him and what we have together even more for a few days away.

As they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but for me I still prefer being together <3


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Bohemian is beautiful

I've been so rubbish with my blog lately sorry! I will do a post on all my lovely birthday treats soon <3

I have been so so busy I am working lots and lots right now, and as of next week I will be working in Waterstones Meadowhall as well as Waterstones Huddersfield! Hectic, but after the end of June things will calm down a bit and I will be back down to 3days a week instead of 6!

This means many outings girls :) I have been out with the girlies more recently and am loving dancing my saturdays away very much indeed!

I have also recently discovered a new blog I am excited to share :)
Boho Glamour - A bohemian girl a heart I fell in love with this!

When I was younger my grandma took me to a museum that was filled with old Gypsy caravans you could explore. I was completely in awe, and truly believed that I would grow up to be a Gypsy and live in one of these myself <3

Isn't it just amazing? My room back home was actually transformed into my own bohemian wonderland for a good number of years. I thought I was very cool with all my trinkets, corner full of cushions, burning insence, walking around everywhere barefoot with my anklets and toe rings!



Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I am sooooo annoyed. I am up to season 5 of LOST. After waiting months and months the boxset has finally come down to £25. I watched the first episode tonight. Then I went on facebook and someone's status told me the ending of season 6, the final ever season.

Well thanks for that. Thanks a lot.

I hate facebook.

Sorry to all my lovely followers I don't like to rant I really don't. I promise a beautiful happy post is to come!!