Thursday, 30 September 2010

Close your eyes

I forgot to take a camera into university!! No pictures until next time I am afraid!
I am just writing today to get all the ideas in my head out.

I gave my first final year presentation today and my head has exploded with new ideas from the advice I was given, I need to buy myself a diary I update with my project ideas day to day, but I don't have one yet so for my own benefit it is all going on here for the moment! Sorry if this is totally boring for everyone else!

Some of it I don't even know if I will use but here goes:

Main focus of project
* I like that it is about something secret, something hidden away

Good ways to translate this in to my embroidery samples: Layering, smocking, embroidery anglais, hidden text

other ideas - reveal something through my work, try different drawing styles to come up with something new e.g draw a close up of subject without looking at the page.

Also take extreme close up's to help with mark making and detail, almost as if drawing what an ant would see.

* I am mainly interested in the garden as it is found after years of abandonment full of weeds and wild flowers

develop by buying flowers and drawing the deterioration, show how they shrivel, how the color changes, how the shapes of the petals changes.

find an area I can go to and draw from regularly, note how this changes with the seasons.

combine drawings of reality and my imagination, see how this changes the look of what I am drawing


Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I will soon update my blog with pictures of my studio space and project work, I left it in uni overnight because my presentation is tomorrow! Scary but I am quite looking forward to some feedback and fresh ideas!

I am enjoying it so far, and having a studio space is really motivating me to do more work. On tuesday after the morning lecture I was really tired so decided to come home, I did plan on doing work but I had a nap and went on the sims for 2hours not wearing my glasses. Bad idea I had a major headache for the rest of the night and only squeezed an hour of work in.

Today was productive though! I put together my theme boards, something I think I am terrible at but I was quite pleased with the way these turned out I will post them tomorrow :)


Saturday, 25 September 2010

Could you be loved

OOOoooh aren't saturdays amazing <3

Saturdays mean coffee made from the machine, to much hassle for a weekday, but a perfect weekend treat <3

"Georgi what happened to the chocolate cookies?"

Yes I have been at the damn things again.

I love now, loved then, and always will - I'm totally addicted.

Just because <3

And because if I had been around at the time Free did gigs,
it would be as much as a must see as NO DOUBT, I am still waiting on you guys touring england please do I love you :)


Friday, 24 September 2010


I hope I can have some self discipline this year in the following areas:

* Motivation MUST work work work (yawn) I always feel hungry when I am working, working makes me think when my next break is, break means yummy food. Scrumptious <3

* I have started the 30 day challenge on Wii Active, bought another controller today so john can join me, he burned lots more calories from the same exercises. How??? I don't know but I am real rubbish at exercise. Secretly I would rather sit round eating cookies all day then moan about being fat..... Anyway I do seriously hate the fact that my attitude to exercise is so bad, this I want to change!!

* Spending. Oh. My. Gosh.
what happened to my "No more pay checks, no more treats" thing? Well so far it is totally not working. Since the 18th of this month I have treated myself to the following:
- 2 books, 'Eat Pray Love' and 'The last song'
- 2 DVD's, 'The ugly truth' and some other I can't remember
- 2 Jumpers Blue and pinky brown
- the whole Dawson's collection boxset (loving it)
- Wii Active and new controller
- And a day in Manchester
This is not including the money spent on my course which is so much I can hardly believe there is anything in my account..........

Oh dear writing it all down like this makes me realize I spent even more then I imagined I had, and in the space of 6days.... OOOooooppssssss

Oh well you only live once right?? There is always a reason not to spent but if you have worked hard for the money which I have done all summer long why not?

My biggest spends will be the holiday I AM having at the end of this year, even if it means living off bread and cheese for the rest of my life. I happen to like cheese <3 hehe And my driving lessons, the whole 50,000 I will have to take before I am even close to safe enough to be let loose behind the wheel...


Thursday, 23 September 2010

I don't want to wait

For the past hour I have been painting and having a major urge to blog!

I am quite excited to be back at Uni, and now have a studio space. I am hoping commiting myself to working 9-5 everyday will do the trick and mean I get a lot more done! Even though I need to always consiously remember not to sing aloud when I have my MP3 player on..... I miss singing aloud when working but apart from that and the hotness the studio has made me work so far!

I was also told your blog can count as a visual diary, something the tutours look at during meetings with you! Imagine that hehe I wonder what they would think, I personally don't think I will use my blog as a visual diary I have the urge to write all the crazy things in my head down on here so it's not exacly final year student material I don't think....

Unless they just look at the bits of work I post on here and my thoughts behind each piece??? I don't know we will see!

I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned my blog, I always find this really surreal, I never actually think of my blog as something anyone other then one of my besties Alice reads, so if you do read this ever anyone thank you, it means a lot to me, I just hope you don't find me to crazy!

My Mum read it the other day. That was weird!!! I was thinking OMG its like my Mum reading my diary, I try and make sure I only write things I don't mind anyone reading but I suppose my blog is kinda personal when I think about it!

Anyway life is good at the moment :) Things that have been keeping a smile on my face at the moment are:

I somehow managed to snort and almost inhale my drink through my nose whilst watching this on monday, I almost died of laughing but it was well worth it I just love this show XD

I also treated myself to the ENTIRE collection of Dawsons Creek, I have been waiting for this to come down in price for literally years and I am soooo excited about it! It arrived today woop woop, my love for somethings will never change, and this show and its theme tune never ever failed to make me feel happy <3


Monday, 20 September 2010

In the morning

I start back at uni tommorrow.

I had to quit my job because of uni which MAJORLY sucks. I happened to quite like my job so this was bad.

Also recieving my last paycheck was bad. I really like earning money, this year I only have a student loan coming in which will definatly not be enough for a final year textile student what with having to pay for photo shoots, fabrics, sketchbooks, paints, photocopying (I have already spent 40quid on this alone and I havn't even gone back yet) catalogue stuff etc.

I liked being able to buy things, I can't imagine going back to not buying things. Which means I will probably still buy things even though I won't have the money. This will also be a bad thing........

A good thing is that I am with a mighty fine man, and we live together in a mighty fine apartment. He is mighty gorgeous <3

We had a great day out in Manchester, cinema, date, meal, shopping <3
Then we came home and watched Grey's Anatomy season 6 finalie and that was definatly good! :) A great last day before starting back I love the holidays!