Monday, 10 March 2014

Eleanor and Park

You may have noticed as a blogger, my posts are sometimes few and far between. When I do blog these days it tends to be because I have discovered something so amazing I simply HAVE to share it with the world. Today is one of those times.

Towards the end of my time as a bookseller I bought a kindle. At first I thought it was quite handy, but my love of reading seemed to get lost sometime not to long after my purchase.

I recently spent a week back at my parents house, in my old teenage bedroom surrounded by the things that not so long ago meant everything to me. Among these things is a bookcase, it is the sort of bookcase that would give most booksellers a mini heart attack if they saw it in a book store, books on top of books, doubly full so half of the books are hidden because I ran out of room. (and that was after a major clear out!) Everything left on there was left for a reason. Old books, like old friends, something I enjoyed spending time with and often re-read during my teenage years.

I decided to re-read some of my old books instead of reaching for my kindle, and since then have done little else, other then read like crazy! On my return to Cambridge, I spent my day going from book store to book store hungry for a new adventure, hoping to discover a new treasure that would stay on my bookshelf for years to come.

I happened to spy Eleanor and Park a book an old colleague of mine had recently reviewed. I decided to give it a read. If you happen to see this book anywhere - I urge you to pick it up.

The blurb doesn't do it justice. The reviews I have read don't do it justice either, and I don't want to give anything away so I will just simply tell you to read it. It isn't just a typical teen love story like I was expecting, it is a story about being saved.

I think the book is doing fairly well and is quite a popular choice at the moment so it is quite an easy one to discover, unlike 'I'll be there' I blogged about this book a while ago, although it seemed to completely slip under the radar in bookshops, as it sadly wasn't pushed the way Eleanor and Park has been. If I was still a bookseller I would be recommending 'I'll be there' to anyone who loved Eleanor and Park. They are very similar, and equally amazing stories about a love strong enough to save the characters you come to care for so deeply. I hope this blog manages to convince even just one person to give these books a try, you won't be disappointed!