Monday, 19 September 2011

Olga Da Polga

As you may know I don't believe there are any books more magical then those aimed at children. I have very much enjoyed looking after the children's book section in the shop where I work, My friend Sarah also runs this section and for my birthday a few months back got me a book which has turned out to be my recent favourite discovery! Meet Olga Da Polga:

Ok so I might be a tinsey bit biased by the guinea pig, but would recommend this book to anyone with a naughty pet, especially those with a piggie as naughty as mine! Olga Da Polga is a very adventurous little guinea pig, she has a big personality and definitely makes lots of mischief! She is always telling tales and stories to those around her, and is too big for her boots at times! The books are written by Michael Bond, who also wrote the Paddington Bear books.

On my hunt for other books in the Olga Da Polga series I have found most stores do not stock them, and they have to be specially ordered. However last week a new version of the same book was released in hardback, so it may be ready to make a comeback. This is the new cover which you may spot around:

When I was in year 6 at school we were asked to keep a pet diary. At the time I had a wonderful fat old Guinea Pig Harry. Unfortunately he was a lot less fussed then Millie is, but he certainly had a much nicer nature and caused a lot less trouble then she does! He loved dandelion leaves and could eat for England, I had a lot of fun writing about this little piggie and his adventures!

It was crowed the best pet diary in the class and is the one piece of my primary school work that I kept hold of, I still have this tucked away somewhere and find it makes an amusing read! The Olga Da Polga books reminded me of this and are great reads as she is such a funny character! I will be buying the rest of the books in the series asap, thank you Sarah for introducing me to such great stories!


Monday, 12 September 2011


Today is windy and the leaves in the garden have a distinct orangey glow, which means Autumn is well on the way, which this year I find quite exciting! I am already planning my next pair of boots and slippers!

I went on a rummage in River Island and found all the summer clothes have been replaced by thick woolly jumpers and cosy comfy's, like I need an excuse to bring out my own thick warm jumpers! I have inherited my mother's love of comfort over anything else, to which my brothers have christened all my clothes as looking like "Flour Bags!" But nothing beats being all cosy and warm on a day like today. Preferably with a hot chocolate, under a blanket with a good book!

As much as I like summer I do love cosy days indoors! In the flat we used to turn on the fairy lights, (Ok that part was all me...!) cook lovely hearty meals, perfect for a cold day such as stew and dumplings, bake lovely treats, and curl up on the sofa to watch a good film. I miss those days but soon will have them back <3

Another thing autumn means is a new addiction to T.V box-sets. I have just discovered Hero's which I am really enjoying, but I feel like I have completely exhausted all of my others such as The O.C, One Tree Hill, SATC, Lost, Grey's Anatomy etc does anyone have any recommendations? I always welcome any excuse to fill my days with American T.V drama! I hope everyone else is enjoying the Autumn weather <3


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well, I have been missing the Mr like my left arm and was all ready to set up camp like this to be back together. However I knew he would never go for it, I am with Mr Head and he is with Miss Heart.

This fact will never stop me getting carried away with my fantasies and daydreams but it does mean we have to meet somewhere in the middle, which to be honest is a pretty good place to be. At least there will be no creepy crawlies and central heating there right?

I actually was seriously considering living in a tent before we both found work, I though it would be a great adventure, and with my family's camping supplies we would be well kitted out. I imagined cooking on our little camping stove, having hot chocolate whilst lying on a blanket looking up at the stars, and going on long and lovely walks around the countryside.

This probably would have been lovely for a couple of weeks until sleeping on the floor started giving us aches and pains, the cold and rain began to seep in through the thin fabric walls.

As our house hunt started to look even more impossible I wanted to live in a camper van. Something Mr Head insists I would actually hate in reality, and as we began to view properties in idyllic locations I accepted the fact it would have to be a house/flat we went for in the end, but how hard could it be to find a place?

I am pleased to announce at long last we have paid a deposit and bond to secure a place for ourselves. It took a long time to find, and for us to decide what to do. In contrast to my fantasies of roughing it in the great outdoors when it comes to house hunting I want somewhere cosy and gorgeous with all the mod cons. The thought of roughing it in a house just does not appeal, something Mr Head and Miss Heart both firmly agree on.

After our second year of University living in a horrible location we also agreed we would rather have a smaller less nice place in the perfect area, then a perfect house in a horrible area. Although pleased with the place we have found there have definitely been some compromises!

The area could not be more idyllic with flowing streams and lovely areas of green. We are in a flat, rather then the much sought after house. Have one bedroom instead of two, and a very tiny kitchen. I think the kitchen is the main concern as we both love to cook together and bake yummy treats. We will make the best of what we have though. I think the luxury of our student life has made us both quite snobby! Walk in wardrobes, jacuzzi baths, two bedrooms and bathrooms, and mirrored bathroom walls can do this to you! The new place is quite a contras,t but it is almost £200 a month cheaper then our old place which will mean we can save for a house deposit faster, and we are going to have lots of fun making it into a home! <3

We will be together which is the best thing I could possibly ask for, and there is plenty of room for little Moo, I am even now thinking of adding more little piggies to the brood! (but hush hush we can't let Mr Head know of this plan just yet!)