Saturday, 26 November 2011

Me, Minnie, Mouse and Moo!

Since my last post life has changed in so many ways!

Leaving home this time seemed so different, I knew this time I wouldn't be home once term ended. This time it was for good it really is a new start, which exciting as it was is always hard when you are leaving people you love. Saying goodbye to my family was hard, and I was back for such a short space of time that I didn't even get the reunion with a lot of my friends that I was so looking forward to!

That said I learned that -

The area we moved to is gorgeous. We have had a lot of fun exploring the area, trying out the coffee shops and restaurants nearby, and living together again is as great as always! <3

My new start also included changing my job, and I was brave enough yet again to have at least 7inches of my hair chopped off! Hello long angled bob! (Which is already growing back at a fast rate) This time I like the change so all is good :)

Since moving in I also celebrated mine and Jonny's four year anniversary which is another milestone in our relationship!

All things were shiny and perfect, but I still had the niggle that all these extra hours of work we are now doing were having an effect on our poor little Moo. She is the most loving of pig's and would squeak for attention whenever I got home, jumping and rolling around happily whenever I got her our for a cuddle. Even though I put her in her indoor run whenever I got home I was also aware that she was growing a little big for her cage. How could I not only want the best for this cheeky face! :)

I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect cage, and even more time trying to find a perfect cage mate! I was still worrying that she may fight with another piggie after her traumatised past! I thought a big cage with lots of space would help them get along and in the end built this!:

I have changed the bedding to fleece which she loves and the ramp leads to a little hay loft so she can still curl up an much all day long if she desires! It is a good job we have plenty of floor space in the lounge!

I finally found a private breeder close by too! We had to get a young little baby as that way she would be more likely to adopt a mothering role and the baby would naturally accept her as the dominant pig. And I certainly didn't fancy another pet shop pig after all the problems we had with Moo!

After what seemed like a wait of forever we finally found our little one or two! 

When we saw the piggies I couldn't separate them and have one left alone! Besides the more the merrier! And I would have probably always wanted another further down the line if we hadn't got two! Firstly we chose Minnie:

I just thought she was gorgeous such a little cutie pie! She is very timid and shy and hides away for a lot of the time, although she is getting gradually a little braver if she sniffs a bit of carrot coming her way!

Moo mothers her well, and when her and Mouse are in the hay loft she squeaks after them until Moo comes back down to give her a nudge up the ramp!

Second choice and third choice looked a little too suspiciously like boys for my liking! Not wanting to take the risk we settled for the last option. Originally we hadn't even considered little Mouse as her markings are quite similar to Millie's!

That said, the second I held her I fell in love! All the other pig's had wriggled and squirmed away but Mouse sat quietly in my hand not once trying to escape! That is how she got her name. She is the scraggiest funniest little pig I have ever seen, she always has tuffs of hair sticking up all over - even though she is a smooth haired breed.

Expecting a quiet little one we couldn't quite believe the change in her when we got her home! Far from Mousey she is a complete little rascal! We have a mini Moo in the making! She is very adventurous and even braves stealing food from Moo's mouth! I think she has met her match with Mouse who follows her round everywhere!

Luckily introducing them went without a hitch after all the research I had done! And now they are a happy little family!