Monday, 24 May 2010

When the lights go out

Oh my lordy the worst photo of me taken ever has appeared online, after one, two or even three too many I think! But I had a great night (what I remember of it!)
It's been so long since I've had a girly night out what with living away from my besties and working a lot this year but partying with the textile craft girlie's is always fun!

There was a couple of not so awful photos that show my new dress which I really loved until I saw pictures of me in it! (The promised photos for you Alice!) I think I still love the dress... maybe just not the photo's!

Hmm those are the best I could find!
What with shopping sprees, a trip out to Marsden with my Mr for a picnic and a stroll in the sun, dancing Saturday night away, relaxing (ok recovering) on Sunday and eating a lot of ice cream plus watching my favorite movie of all time it has been a pretty good weekend! <3

Has anyone seen Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind?? That is the movie <3
It is on film 4 this Wednesday and I seriously recommend it! I fell in love with that movie the first time I ever saw it, and Kate Winslet long before! The story is just amazing, and I love anything a little out of the ordinary. It's special, just like the beach there is no other film quite like it <3

Right I am not quite sure if it is today or not but I am heading to see all the amazing work by the textile craft girls soon, exciting stuff! Good look to all who are finishing their degrees this year :)


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Secret Garden

I am very much enjoying my new sketchbook right now, Today I created a Secret Garden inspired page. There is something so magical about that film, although I will admit it has been at least 10years since I last watched it!

It also made me think of a piece in another sketchbook, at the time I was just thinking of secrets that may lie behind closed doors, what if that secret was the garden?


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ask me anything

What each kiss means...

Back in the day of myspace bullitin's (does anyone else miss those?) this cropped up, although the accuracy is debatable it caught my eye. I have a habit of recording anything and everything that I like whatever it may be...

So here is something that has been buried in the book of secrets for a few years now <3


All the secrets

I treated myself to the Mermaid books as an early birthday treat! I can't tell you about the stories themselves yet as I won't be reading until my birthday but the reviews I have read were all good, and the packaging is gorgeous <3

"This series will absorb and enchant anyone who wonders what it would be like to have fins instead of feet."

I have also started yet another sketchbook, I have 4 on the go now, one is more of a journal, where I can write the crap as well as the good things, one holds all the secrets - through songs, poems and writing I have poured my heart into this one since I was I was 14 and it is strictly for my eyes only! The others are sketchbooks one is more for my mixed media drawings and the other for sticking everything pretty in, and my pen and pencil drawings.

So a sneak preview at a few pages, bear in mind as this book is new I am not quite sure which diretion it will take me in yet...
I'm not that happy with the first few pages they are a little all over the place but I'm sure the book will find itself in time <3


Sunday, 16 May 2010

I wish I was a mermaid

I know they say never judge a book by its cover, but who could fail to be totally enchanted and mesmerised by this?

For my birthday I am going to treat myself to a boxset of the first two books in this series, they come in a cute little box with two draws and a necklace. I have always had a love for childrens books and have a feeling these will be a real treat!

Anything mermaid had me captured as a child. The little mermaid is in my opinion the best disney film ever made. I have always loved being by the beach, I feel instantly happy with sand beneath my feet, and the sound of the waves close by <3

Every family holiday I would beg to go to the beach everyday, luckily my brothers were more then happy to be there too, building huge sandcastles and seeing who could dig the deepest hole! I spent most of my time in the sea, wishing I had a mermaid tail!

Last year my project at uni was beach inspired, I have never enjoyed a project so much, or got such a high mark! I wish I had left it for final year in a way. I'll have to think of a different spin for a project based on the same thing.

I am also naturally a lover of blue, blue is the most amazing colour perfect for a beach project, although my work seems to turn out better if I avoid colour all together usually! Last year sticking to white and blues seemed to work out ok so fingers crossed will be ok again in future projects...


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Love Bug

Ever wonder what a love bug would look like if such little things existed? So did I. I think it would be something like this....


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Wish me luck!

It's presentation day tomorrow! Ahh I thought I would get to breath a sigh of relief but no such luck - I had an email a few days ago I have to start on my final year monograph!

Then there is also the task of finding a job for the summer.....


I'm sorry but it's true...

I hate how I have a facebook.
I hate how its the easiest way to stay in touch
I hate how you can see everything about everyone
I hate how impersonal it is
I hate how false it is
I hate how you actually NEED a facebook, without it last year I wouldn't have been able to ask anyone to link me to stuff I needed for projects etc.
I need one this year for my business page. True it brings me customers, and is useful to have in lots of ways but I will NEVER EVER like this website.

Rant over, sorry people <3


Always Love

Yesterday was My Mr's 21st so we headed off to Leeds for a day of exploration, nice meals, and cinema :) We had a great time and to top it off there was a great little art show! Lucky I had a camera!

Klimt inspired? I love these!

There was so much to look at, and a lot of work that really inspired me! I love it when you stumble across shows like these <3

It's my FINAL FINAL FINAL presentation tommorow! Wish me luck!


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Oooh la la

I love living in the city (actually its a town but I like the sound of city)
It's weird but I've come to find the sounds soothing.
Since I was about 7 I always wanted an attic room, they are amazing! To me our apartment one is no exception, tiny yes but I really love <3
The view is the best thing. We look out on to chimneys and rooftops and I just love it.

A while back I posted a blog mentioning my new shoes, I finally have a photo! <3


You've got the love

I let John open his birthday presents two days early, he loves opening them and I love giving them to him <3 I love giving anyone presents, I love sending people things they don't expect to recieve.

With John and I it will always remain the same. No matter what the occasion, a day or two before the suspense will be all to much to take and we will find an excuse to open gifts early, in a way I really like it.

Yesterday night his parents came over and took us out for a meal, then he opened his gifts. Tonight we are going to drink wine, play games (some of which were the birthday presents) then tommorow, his 21st we are spending the day out together so this way we get to celebrate 3days in a row!

Do I talk about him too much? Is it getting annoying???


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pocket full of sunshine

I find it's the simple things that can make you happiest.

*Interesting and beautiful photo's like the one above
*Curling up under fluffy blankets
*Kisses in the rain
*Talking/rambling/chatting away
*Singing really loudly when home alone
*Baths with extra bubbles
*Sunny mornings and sunny evenings
*Being around any one of these people who I love with all my heart
John-My Family-Alice-Joey-Elizabeth
*And looking back at photos like these that you wern't even aware were being taken


Monday, 3 May 2010

your lovable, so lovable, but you're just trouble...

I'm 21 soon. And feeling the pressure. I have my first huge deadline this wednesday, and the biggest ever (determining if I pass or fail the year) the wednesday after. Then on June the 1st it is my birthday. Ahhhh! Why I am making a big deal of this in my head I don't know.... I did the big party for my 18th and it wasn't really what I hoped it would be, I didn't properly enjoy the night until I got back home - it was fun then thanks to all my college friends who stayed over :)

Anyway my 21st will be very different. I would love to go home and have a night out with my old friends at somepoint, but everyone has moved on and sadly its not the same as it was, but I'm grateful that back in the year of 18 we had a lot of fun <3

I'm lucky that I have my Mr, I will be even more lucky when we can afford a car! I would love love love to just get away for a long weekend together but the places I want to go require a car.... Filey beach please :) I want to go somewhere nice and pretty with a river where we can have a long walk, eat ice cream, have a picnic then drive to Filey and go to the beach.

Or fly away somewhere, somewhere hot and exotic, or somewhere with lots to see where we can just be together. I'm sure whatever I do I'll end up having a good day (fingers crossed) a lot of my recent past birthdays have a habit of being unbelievably crap. with the exception of my 18th AFTER we got home, and my 19th in storthes hall. (Not forgetting the incredible princess and pirate party's my mum used to do for me when I was little) Last year I was stuck in france longing to be with my Mr so at least this year my most important birthday wish will be coming true <3


Saturday, 1 May 2010

If walls could talk...

This is an art piece by Cathrine Bertola. I find the title of the piece makes it. "If walls could talk" To me it makes the piece mysterious and magical, imagine if walls could talk, or hear. That could have got me into a lot of trouble! It caught my eye because it reminded me of the cutwork on white I did in a previous project, however I'm quite a fan of all of her work.

This piece is called Bluestockings, I saw this at the Millenium gallery in Sheffield last year, there was a set of three pictures, all of stockings with different patterns. I can imagine the set hanging on a wall in my future house!!