Sunday, 19 December 2010

Post Secret

I have had some really nice comments left lately which have resulted in me stumbling across some great new blogs! I found out about a website called postsecret through the lovely Erin Jo, her blog is really inspirational and worth checking out!

Post secret is a community art project where people send in a postcard anonymously with their secret written on it. A project after my own heart! Plus some of the ones I found were quite amusing! <3


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Girl with a Pearl Earring

The lack of blogging recently has been down to my latest design project, I have finally handed this in, all over with :) And I am happy with the result!

My project was based on the novel by Tracey Chevalier 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'.
It is very different from my usual work, as I was told I must use colour. (I am really more of a neutral kind of girl...) To make my project clearly relate to the theme my colour palette was based on colours from Vermeer's masterpiece paining - the inspiration behind Chevalier's conspiracy novel.

I researched symbolism of insects, inspired by Dutch floral paintings created at the time of Vermeer. The moth represents 'a dangerous attraction leading to unhappiness' This is very in-keeping with the main storyline of the novel so I included this within my project.

Narrative is also important to me, I wrote out sections of the novel in 17th century handwriting and incorporated this into my design work.

Now I have to begin the task of deciding what to do next!


Friday, 3 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

It's so so cold! I just want to curl up in bed and sleep.
My deadline has been moved back 4 days because of the snow, I wanted it to be on Monday to get it out of the way, but think I may need the extra time to finish everything! I feel so exhausted I have run out of energy completely!

I did get ridiculously excited about the snow though, the view from our bedroom window was pretty gorgeous <3 I really do wish I had been back home in Sheffield though they have had snow two feet deep!

I also put up the Christmas tree and other trimmings! Because there is no such thing as to many fairy lights! It looks at lot cosier at night and the candles give off lovely Christmas smells, I think it is time for mulled wine and mince pies :)

I can't wait until next Friday night when I will be able to put my feet up and have a lot fewer worries! Expect a project post soon with this terms design work <3