Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tell me something I don't know

Tell me
If you didn't know me what would you think about me?

Would you think I was a pink person or a blue person?
Would you think I was a rom-com or a thriller kind of girl?
or maybe just a damn unusual girl?
A girl who always has to have the latest designer labels or is happier in pajamas?
A girl who is shy or outgoing?
Someone that over-thinks every little thing or someone impulsive?
Someone who lives in the real world or the worlds she creates for herself?
A person who fits in or someone who doesn't really fit anywhere?
A girl who cares what other people think or a girl who doesn't?
Someone who eats the icing and leaves the cake or eats the cake and leaves the icing?
A person who likes the finer things or is happy without?
Someone hard to read or open like a book?
A realist or an idealist?
A girl who you think you know but don't, or a girl who you think you don't know but actually do?


Take me anywhere

Friday I went to manchester to the contemporary craft fair. It was a good day :)

Saturday I was mega busy during the day. I spent a long time cleaning and now the flat is beautifulllll, did the food shopping and then John's parents came over.

In the eavening I watched Dawsons, Xfactor, and the Cheryl interview whilst finding 7pages of pictures for my visual diary.

So I didn't do a whole lot of work for 2days in a row. Before these two days I have been working pretty solidly through my days, only usually stopping for a few hours to eat.

Having the last two days off pretty much has made me lazy. I really really don't want to write 2000 words and find quotes for tuesday. I have my next tutorial on thursday but don't think I will have anything new to show. Thats not really a good thing. Oh well.

I am going into town soon. I might treat myself to something nice <3
I am in love with Tegan and Sara today (and everyday but especially today)


Friday, 22 October 2010

Wouldn't it be nice....

I recently stumbled across something amazing, a blog about a girl who lives in a boat shed. This is actually the view from her window, I completly fell in love.

Not to long ago John and I were discussing what we want to do in an ideal world.
We decided we want to move far far away, New Zealand to be exact <3

Despite our degrees we were both in agreement that a happy life as poor people was far better then the work filled life of rich people, I wouldn't say either of us are particually ambitious, when thinking of our future lifestyle is definatly way ahead of our careers. Although we both definatly want jobs they only have to allow us to get by.

Luckily I feel I need very little in the way of possesions to be happy, I am far from materialistic.

The main thing that is important is living, we would love to move somewhere idilic even if it is as tiny as a boat shed. Somewhere foreign over looking the sea is my idea of heaven.

I actually would love to be one of those people that goes out and gives boat tours of coral reefs or assist tourists swimming with dolphins. I am never happier then when I am by the sea with sand beneath my feet.

This may seem crazy but that is honestly what I would love, the fact that this is a shared dream makes it all the more exciting. Even if it takes me forever to get there one day I can promise I will live by a beautiful beach <3


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lost in translation

Let's never come here again because it will never be as much fun.



I love blogs written by people who don't care who is reading.
They can write about anything, the bad stuff as well as the good.
They are my favourite kind of blogs. The ones that don't hide anything.
Discovering these is like discovering a rare gem.
My blog isn't one of those blogs. I'm not brave enough to put all my thoughts out there for the world to see, my blog is only a little piece of me but I hope it is sometimes an enjoyable read regardless.
I keep my diarys, journals and sketchbooks for the rest <3


Thursday, 7 October 2010

Be Mine

Tommorow is my 3 year anniversary!
I can't believe I have been with my Mr for 3years, the time has flown by.
I am happy to say we never really left the honeymoon period.

We very rarly disagree on anything, we make each other laugh every single day, and are that couple - the one's that seem to good to be true.

I am so grateful to have found someone who complete's me in this way, I never take him for grated I truly can't believe my luck to have found someone so special.

We are so right for each other it is quite amazing, and the best thing is I know he feels the same way <3


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Honey, Honey

Uni is like my LIFE right now, hehe how sad am I?
I was sat at home last night in wooly socks and pj's cramming for the next days lecture from 8 - 10pm then I watched the inbetweeners <3

Life is good right now, although I do miss bookselling on the odd occasion!

that is moi studio space <3
I am really glad I took it, it motivates me in a way I didn't think it would, after todays lecture I planned to work at home. I have in fact watched Dawson's, had a nap, written an email, chatted to a friend and now blogged. I get easily distracted!

These are my mood boards for my current project. I am usually soooo bad at these they take forever but I am happy with the way these turned out!

I had a meeting with My monograph tutour today, it went well so all is good and now I WILL work!


Why Not

A mad moment, but still why not? I will never outgrow this woman's writing!
An email to Jacqueline:


I am an older reader (21!) I loved reading your books when I was younger, The Suitcase Kid was my favorite book for many years, I must have read it at least 25 times! I even went out and bought a sylvanian rabbit Radish of my own!
At 12 I started reading your girls in love series which I adored <3 I was wondering if you had any plans to write another of these?

I have just joined your website to try and find out about all the books you are writing that have yet to be released, I am so happy there will be a follow up to Hetty Feather!
Knowing I have always had a love for your writing and the Victorian era my Mum bought me a copy of this as a surprise for my stocking last Christmas, having not read your books for quite a few years made this book all the more exciting,
and completely re-kindled my love for your stories. Since then I have been buying all your latest releases and rummaging my local Oxfam for hardback copies of all the ones I have yet to read. (I have a thing for hardbacks!)

I also worked in a bookshop last year and had great fun recommending your books to many interested customers!
Your writing has always been a great source of inspiration to me <3

I hope to hear for you soon!