Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Blog!!

As part of my degree I have made a new blog!

I will still be updating this one but please check out my new blog which will be all about my drawing and textile work :)


Friday, 8 April 2011

Hand Written

Something I have been meaning to do for a while now...

The Handwriting Challenge, My amazing friend Alice tagged me in this a few weeks ago probably knowing that I would not be able to resist!

The rules were to write the following:
1. name and blog name
2. url
3. write 'a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog'
4. favourite quote
5. favourite song
6. favourite band(s), artist(s)
7. anything else you wish to say..

I tag-

Sarah from A little less disenchanted
Erin Jo from ::My life as erinj0::
Sara from Sara Louise Evans


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Aim High Sweetie Pie

I have had my longest ever break from blogging! This is due to the huge amount of work I have been doing for my final major project, but I am back and will update with all the latest photo's of my work soon!

It is nice to have new followers as well! Hopefully I will keep the updates more regular so you will have something to follow :)

Another obsession has recently taken hold, I have become broody for guinea pig babies! Me and the Mr would love to buy our first pets together, we are still waiting for permission off the landlord and my Mum will take a LOT of persuading, as there is a chance I will be moving back home for a while in July after graduation. But we are keeping our fingers crossed!

I have to get a couple of these! If only to keep me with a constant supply of cuddles! I once had a piggie named Harry, he was the friendliest animal I have ever come across, I think by nature Guinea pigs are so sweet <3