Friday, 18 December 2009

Toys and Den's <3

I have just been speaking with a friend from work about sylvanian familys, I remember these and used to love them so much!

I have always been a huge Jaquline Wilson fan and after reading "The Suitcase Kid" (still one of my favourite books) decided I wanted a little sylvanian rabbit of my own.
I never had a collection of them, they were so expensive! And little Radish never had a fancy sylvanian mansion but she was quite content with my pocket <3

I was also pleased to discover that I wasn't the only child in the world who never actually played with toys.

I had plenty of little sets teeny weeny familys being my absoloute favourites,

I used to own these sets plus many more, but never actually did anything but set them up and arrange them all nicely. After doing this I would simply take everything out and arrange it all again. (I was a strange child I know!)

I was the same with my bedroom, always crafting dens from cardboard boxes and big blankets, I had a perfect pale blue one that was huge enough to cover the chairs/boxes/desk that created my den walls, but also let plently of light in. I spent half my childhood in the dens I crafted within my bedroom, I was lucky enough to have parents that allowed this and didn't make us take them down at the end of everyday! I think my longest lasted about a month, I turned the cardboard box wall into a cuboard and drew little pictures on the doors so cute!

Anyhoo I will stop my rambaling as I have a LOT of mess to tidy/organise, plus some baby cards to finish, I will post pictures of the finished result soon!


Thursday, 17 December 2009

Latest Creations

I have been busy working away thinking of new ideas recently, following a trip to York with my Mr this weekend I decided on lavender hearts.
There were some great little craft markets (see above!) and after having this idea for a while I finally managed to get my hands on some dried lavender! I am quite happy with the result, and they smell amazing!

I also came across a shop called Busy Beads which was really cute! I managed to find some more string for a bracelet I made with some beads I got here a couple of years ago. I was hoping for a romantic stroll along the river, as this is where John and I spent our first Valentines but by the looks of things it had recently flooded! It was still nice to visit though, a really good day <3


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

There's no place like home

I was rummaging around my room on a hunt for bits and bobs (something I spend half my life doing, organised is not really the word to describe me) when I came across this postcard.

I found it in a little shop on a camping trip this summer and knew I must have it - thank you dad <3 - The Ruby Slippers are the origional's from the film, which I must have watched a hundred times over in my early years!

Now they have found a place on my wall, along with other pictures of inspiration.


Monday, 14 December 2009

On a hunt for inspiration I found these <3

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fortune in a coffee cup?

This is totally real, I was truly amazed to finish my coffee and find this cute little heart at the bottom!

Although it wasn't quite tea leaves, if this is what the future holds then I like it a lot <3

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sneak Peak - An old sketchbook page I created for my second year cake project :) It's still one of my faves <3

I hope to be updating soon still figuring out how to work the blog - computers are not my strong point!