Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Bracelets have always been my favourite accessory. When I was younger I remember going to guide camp and spotting a girl with at least 15 bracelets on each wrist and thought how cool she looked! When I got home from my weekend away I got busy with my bead kits and have worn many bracelets at any one time ever since.

I tend to buy a bracelet each place I visit, and it is often a present friends get me. So on each arm I have bracelets with memories from all over, and from lots of good friends. I think they are a nice thing to own, and I get sentimental about any item with memories attached. Wearing them has become less practical since adopting the piggies but they are still my go to accessory to make any outfit look better! There is an amazing bead shop in the village I have moved to, with all sorts of beads and charms, it has made me want to get making again! Do you have a favourite accessory?


The Simple Life

I have loved The Simple Life since it was first shown on T.V. As soon as it was released I bought the Season 1 boxset, although it has been sat on my shelf gathering dust for ages now! Me and my house mate Nicky fancied something girly and light hearted to watch one night so I dug it back out and we have been hooked since! I forgot how hilarious this show is, although Season One was the only series I actually enjoyed of the reality show as the others which followed all seemed a bit more staged.

If you want a good old giggle at two rich girls trying to make it out in the middle of nowhere living on a farm, who seem to know nothing about normal life this is a must see! This show also started my love for Nicole Richie, outspoken and utterly hilarious this show is guaranteed to have you in stitches!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

It doesn't matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you could go...

This post is for anyone who has ever wished for change. One month ago I was in a tiny flat that had bad damp, noisy neighbours. I liked my job, but there were never enough hours to go round,  and the hours I did get were either evening or weekends, the opposite of my Mr. I had also recently passed my driving test but was to nervous to go out in my car.

When 2013 came around I was determined to do something with my life. I was happy, in a loving relationship but my life was in a rut, and I knew it would stay that way unless I did something to change it.

I begun to apply for jobs, and was lucky enough to find one I knew I was perfect for and really wanted to do, I was determined to give it my all. I got an interview, and two days later was offered the job. Three and a half hours away from where I was currently living, it hasn't been easy to arrange things. I knew I couldn't afford to live in the area alone, and My Mr could not move with me until he found a job in the area as well. A house share seemed like the best option. I spent a lot of time online, narrowed it down to 3 house shares and spent a weekend in Ely hoping for the best.

I met a lovely girl called Nicky, during our brief meeting we bonded over our mutual love of animals and cups of tea. She also took me to meet her horse Shandy, it was instant love! When I was younger I spent as much time as I could at the local stables and couldn't wait to have the opportunity to do this again!

I am also now driving my car everyday on new roads, it may seem such a silly thing to some people but for me this is a huge achievement, and something I hope one day I will have the confidence to do without a second thought! To get to my new place of work I knew I had to get my car up and running but the freedom this has given me has been great, such a nice change from trains!

I have lived with my Mr since before we even got together, minus 3 months between leaving University and moving to Manchester. I remember worrying it would make things hard last time we were apart, but this time I don't have that worry, if things are meant to be they have a way of working out, and I think the two of us have always been a fine example of that :)

Within the last month I have changed my life in so many ways. I am so much happier, so much more content, and haven't felt this at home since my time in my beloved University town Huddersfield! In many ways where I am now is even better, although the city life is fun I have always been more of a country girl at heart, being here is so refreshing, and such a breath of fresh air, the closest city Ely is the smallest in England, and full of beautiful architecture and character. I keep discovering more and more hidden gems around but will save that for another post! I love my job, have hopefully made a new friend for life in Nicky, and have very much enjoyed having a girly room all to myself again, something I will be posting about soon!

So the message behind this post is if you aren't happy with your life, it IS in your power to change it, don't be afraid to, it may just be the best thing you ever do.