Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Twenty Boy Summer

I recently read a book that I fell instantly in love with, so much so that I have to share! Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler follows the story of Anna and her best friend Frankie through a Twenty day Vacation in Zanzibar Bay.

The setting of this book is so beautifully crafted and described that I was ready to book myself a one way ticket to the destination in a heartbeat. This book is perfect for anyone that constantly daydreams of being on a sunny romantic beach like myself!


As a young teenager I always dreamed of having a perfect summer romance. Of course this never happened, but if it had, I would have wanted it to be exactly like Anna's relationship with Sam. However this book is about much more then just summer romance, unbeknown to Frankie, Anna had a relationship with her brother Matt just before he tragically died one year ago. The book is about her journey through love, loss and letting go of the past.

The book shares occasional flashbacks to Matt and Anna's time together, showing how present he still is in her mind. I found the book beautifully touching, and would really recommend it to just about every girl out there! This book may just be the most perfect summer read I have ever come across <3



I finally have a photo of our new addition to the family! Meet Gus! I have always loved Gus from Cinderella, and now we have our very own Gus Gus even if he is a hamster instead of a mouse! We have had him a few weeks now and his personality is really starting to show, he has an excellent temperament and is super fluffy and cute!

He is a long haired syrian hamster. I didn't think hamsters would be that different from Guinea pigs except for the fact they sleep a lot longer, but they are such different pets! The main difference is that Gus makes his cage how he wants it, he moves his bedding around to make a little nest, and hides food around his cage and changes things as he pleases, it is quite funny to see what he does!

He loves to scurry around when we handle him, the one thing I still have to get used to is the fact he doesn't make any noise! I am that used to the different noises the guinea pigs make I always know if they are happy, hungry or wanting to be put back in their cage. Sometimes they love to be cuddled and other times they just want to run around, I am that used to reading their different behaviour and knowing what they want but with Gus I still don't have a clue! He seems to be settling in well though!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Somebody that I used to know

Hello lovely people! It was my 23rd birthday yesterday and I had a fantastic time visiting back home catching up with two of my old best friends and family! It is funny how true friendships always stay the same, no matter how much time has passed when you meet up again you have just as much to talk about, and laugh so much you can't breath any more! 

I had a lot of fun reliving the good old days so to all my people, ones I have seen recently, and those who I haven't seen in far to long - my true friends out there (and I am sure you know who you all are) this is a post for you :)

My brother showed me Walk off the Earth's cover of Gotye's somebody that I used to know when I was back home and I think it is just amazing so enjoy :)