Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Milonga del Angel

I have been trying to do lots of sketchbook work, it is so time consuming that I never feel like I have got very far but these are my new pages

I also told my manager that I won't be working next year.

I don't really know what to make of this decision.

Money would be useful, but at the same time knowing how unorganized I am, and how I really find it hard to sit down and do University work all day long I think I will need as few distractions as I can get!

Also I hate letting people down, If asked to do any overtime I find it really hard to say no, even if I really should.

Saturday I called in sick for the first time since I started, I really wasn't up to going. I felt sick and don't think the long train journey would have helped matters either. I really got worked up about doing this, I don't know why I am just silly like that.

Ironically my attendance to certain lectures at university in the past has not been the best, but then I am only effecting myself so it is a lot easier to do.

Next year I will go to ALL lectures, even ones I believe to be unimportant.

One perk of not working I am looking forward to having a Christmas holiday this year, I have worked two Christmas eve's in my life, but much prefer not too. I like being tucked up inside by the Christmas tree chatting away to Mum <3

It's also a tradition in my house to have a meal together late on Christmas eve just before bed, we eat meals together all the time anyway but there is just something special, a magic that fills the air only on Christmas eve.


Saturday, 28 August 2010

Just for you

When my project theme for the year was still undecided I had in my head I wanted to create characters and design work for a childrens bedroom. I made these quick sketches whilst playing with ideas.

Alice as I know of your love for Beatrix Potter these are for you <3


Friday, 27 August 2010

Tell me what you dream

I have been so so busy, unfortunately the main bulk of work I have been doing up until now is my visual diary, which isn't that interesting to post, but on the bright side it is now so thick that I don't have a chance of closing the folder I have put all the pages into!

Despite feeling like a sick little bunny for the last two days I have made myself to start my sketchbook, the pictures are all the ones posted here! So far I am really happy with it and have quite enjoyed the reward of working away. My favorite page is the roses <3

They are pencil and ink drawings on white. The background includes pages from the secret garden, the book I am basing my project on.I have also used white, silver, and a metallic pinky lilac paint on the background.

You can only see this if the light is shining on the page in a certain way, I like how each time you look at the page the paint shimmers differently, it gives it the magic and mystery I was hoping for.

I am currently working on another pencil drawing, I know these are by far the best but I can resist adding my swirly doodles here and there! I plan to have a pencil drawing on one page, and a pen or ink on the other. I like the contrast of the two placed together.

Aside from working I have spent a lot of time curled up in bed wishing I was feeling better! The week started well though, I met Naiomi a friend from my textile course she was the one who motivated me to make a start on all of this asap!

The next day I met my friend Alice who gave me the Jacqueline Wilson book Midnight <3I have been after this one for ages and am enjoying it so far!


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Days

I have not posted since the holiday because it seems like such a task!
I felt like I had to do a fantastically long blog with lots of photos so instead of that I will keep it short and sweet :)

The holiday was amazing it was so nice to have a week off work! hehe
There were so many second-hand bookshops I spent a lot of time rummaging in! Ironically it wasn't until I got back to Huddersfield and nipped into Oxfam that I found what I had really been after, a Hardback Jacqueline Wilson book I haven't read before <3

I did manage to pick up a copy of a very early addition of Winnie the Pooh on my travels though. Hunting down Hardback children's books has become a bit of a pass time of mine this year, and now I have started I can't stop!

Anyway from now it's back to work, I only have one month left at Waterstones, then I will be starting back at University and it will be back to student life for me!