Sunday, 4 March 2012

Colour Therapy

Something I have been longing for recently is Blue. Just to be surrounded by Blue! I often feel this way and consciously wish to be in a blue room. I touched upon the fact I grew up in a baby blue room, and the calming effect this had on me in another post recently.

I know lots of people probably find this complete nonsense but I know for a fact that being surrounded by blue really does have a healing effect on me. I have always been a born worrier, this nothing could change - but sitting in my room back home with it's blue walls, blue carpet, blue curtains, and even blue wind chimes instantly calmed and soothed my anxieties.  Turquoise silky scarfs were draped around the window and a the crystal and mirrored chimes hanging from here cast light and rainbows to dance along the walls as the sun set. It was just beautiful.

The only other thing that noticeably lifts me like this is the water. I have always felt the same soothing calming sensation when I am by the water particularly the ocean. Whenever we visited the beach and everyone else was enjoying the feel of the sand beneath their feet, I would be rushing towards the water.

I spent the majority of my time in the sea when we went to the beach, only retreating when my skin was completely wrinkled and I could no longer take the cold! As soon as I had dried off and warmed up I would be straight back in though! I get the same feeling when on walks sitting looking out onto rivers, or even just around large ponds.

So this sounds totally crazy right...? Well maybe, maybe not. I decided to type colour therapy in to google to see if there was such a thing as this, and was surprised to discover many many websites on the subject. The medical (yes medical!) term used for this Chromotherapy.

So what does Chromotherapy claim the healing properties of the colour blue are?

* Calms strong emotions like anger, aggression and hysteria
* Anti stress
* Brings peace and tranquillity
* Soothes suffering

I already know this to be true for me. The websites also mentions the links with the colour blue to water, which again just clarifies to me that I am not crazy there actually is something to this and to how I feel around the colour and the water!

I'm not saying this works for everyone, other colours have different healing properties too, but for me blue is the only colour I feel consciously different around, and different people are tuned into different things. Maybe blue does nothing for you but another colour does? Does anyone else believe in this or is there a colour that genuinely changes your mood and how you are feeling? I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has any opinions on this!

I also want to say a big thank you to Alice! I was the lucky winner of a Cutey bracelet from her giveaway, imagine how thrilled I was to open my little parcel and find it had arrived in this gorgeous colour!!